Amazon Plant Tour

Plant Tour – Amazon Fulfillment Center

Harnessing AI for Innovative Solutions in Streamlined Procurement and Fulfillment Operations


Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council and Amazon Business for an exclusive event in Seattle, WA, on July 23-24.

Experience insightful discussions, peer exchanges, and an immersive tour of BFI4, Amazon’s cutting-edge robotics sortable fulfillment center in Kent, WA. Witness firsthand the harmonious blend of advanced technology and operational excellence during this facility tour.

Engage with industry leaders to explore topics such as Amazon’s Culture of Innovation, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) transformative power to optimize fulfillment operations, and how Amazon Business is democratizing AI-powered procurement.

Discover how AI and machine learning can revolutionize procurement, making it accessible and impactful for businesses of all sizes. Seize this opportunity to see how Amazon is reshaping its procurement processes, unlocking efficiencies and driving growth.

Key Takeaways

Following the Amazon fulfillment center tour, hear from an expert panel on Harnessing AI for Innovative Solutions in Streamlined Procurement and Fulfillment Operations. Gain actionable insights, including:

  • How mobility applications are engaging employees at all levels within the distribution center.
  • How enabling technologies are providing real-time feedback and monitoring of key processes.
  • How applications are going beyond mere databases and information storage and are now driving the process robustness.
  • How applications can drive the nature of shop floor engagement and empowerment.


A Day in the Life of an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Explore the world of an Amazon Fulfillment Center through the lens of one of our world class Tour Leaders, from cutting-edge technology to the people who make Amazon what it is today.