EnerSys Plant, Richmond, Kentucky

EnerSys Plant Tour

Deploying Lean Ecosystems - Rapidly, Repeatably and Holistically


Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council and transform your vision of lean systems deployment during a tour of the award-winning EnerSys facilities in Richmond, Kentucky. EnerSys has evolved the century-old manufacturing of industrial batteries into a progressive, highly advanced lean operation, with globally standardized systems benchmarked by manufacturers across industries.

During the tour, you’ll learn about building and deploying a scalable, standardized, lean ecosystem across processes, people and multiple global locations. This tour and the topics discussed will help you better understand:

  • Deploying lean principles holistically to hone the entire value stream
  • Creating controls that account for interdepartmental interaction
  • Developing visual facility management within a legacy footprint
  • Using new methods to identify waste while improving sustainability

The lean digitized system used at this facility and deployed across the entire global EnerSys manufacturing network has improved employee safety, dramatically cut time-to-market for new products and even produced a groundbreaking, 24-hour “order-to-ship” program.

While this site produces traditional lead-acid motive power batteries for forklifts and other industrial equipment, it also produces advanced, maintenance-free thin plate pure lead (TPPL) and lithium-ion batteries as well as industrial battery chargers.

In addition to manufacturing, this complex also serves as a Regional Distribution Center and National Parts Center – strategically located within a 2-day logistics window from the majority of the EnerSys customer base across North America.

Walk Away with Actionable Insights

Attend this plant tour, which will be followed by an informative panel discussion on lean ecosystem deployment – including an application example of a recently added product line at the plant. After the event, you’ll walk away with actionable insights that include:

  • Keys to rapid, repeatable and holistic deployment of lean ecosystems
  • Alternative methods to identify process and system waste
  • Use of metrics boards and other daily visual management tools
  • Development of playbooks and other tactics to streamline material flows


People and processes of the EnerSys facility in Richmond, Kentucky