Help drive greater efficiency, quality, productivity and growth in manufacturing by participating in the MLC Membership Referral Program. If your company is a member of the MLC, or you have a strong relationship with an MLC member, you can benefit from this program.

How you benefit

  • MLC Member Companies: Earn a 10% discount on membership renewal for each company you refer that joins the MLC.
  • Referred Contact: Receive a 30% discount off membership dues for the FIRST YEAR of your membership.

How it works

If your company is already a member of the MLC, you can participate in one of two ways:

  1. Simply provide your referrals contact information and the MLC will reach out on your behalf.
  2. You make the initial contact and cc [email protected]. Feel free to use this email template to communicate the program’s benefits. Please refer to our members list so you do not reach out to current members with this offer.

If your company is a contact of an MLC member company, please reach out to that company’s leadership for a special discount code.

Get Started Today

Your participation in this referral program will strengthen the deployment of advanced technologies, leadership practices and organizational strategies in the digital era. Get started today. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.