BASF Enhanced Reality Tour


Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council virtually for an opportunity to take an inside look into BASF’s manufacturing plant to learn about their implementation of Voovio Technologies US Inc.’s (“Voovio”) Enhanced Reality training software. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to see how BASF is utilizing digitalization tools as an enabling technology to focus on the key part of any reliability strategy, the human component.

BASF’s Chemical Intermediates organization began the journey to “Smart manufacturing” several years ago and has been on a pathway to realize their vision of moving operations training into the digital age. Partnering with Voovio, BASF Chemical Intermediates is leading the way in designing customized digital training simulators for front-line operations and maintenance personnel. The deployment of digital tools is a key component of the journey to operational excellence by engaging employees at all levels, with a viable digital solution for training and knowledge capture.