Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory and Imagine Studio Tour

Effectively Managing 5G and IoT to Drive Smart Manufacturing


Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council and Ericsson in Lewisville, Texas for an opportunity to tour the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory and visit the Ericsson North America Imagine Studio.

Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

The fourth Industrial Revolution has begun, and Ericsson’s highly automated USA 5G Smart Factory in Lewisville, Texas, is at its forefront. The factory is a frontrunner in a new era of smart manufacturing, exploring the benefits of the low latency, high speed and superior connectivity of 5G.

The USA 5G Smart Factory produces 5G equipment, bringing Ericsson’s supply chain close to their U.S. customers, which include the largest service providers in the country.

Fast, secure 5G connectivity and IoT solutions allow for flexible production and agile operations through automation in warehouses, connected logistics, highly automated assembly, and more efficient packaging and product handling.

Learn more about the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory here.

Walk Away with Actionable Insights

Attend this factory tour, which will be followed by a panel and executive roundtable discussion on enabling technology to drive smarter manufacturing, and walk away with actionable insights, including:

  • How 5G connectivity can improve operations and what you can do to prepare your operations for 5G deployment
  • How Industry 4.0 leverages digital tools, analytics and other disruptive technologies to enable new levels of operational performance
  • How the factory demonstrates Ericsson’s commitment to climate action, and target to be carbon neutral in operations by 2030

Ericsson North America Imagine Studio

In the Ericsson North America Imagine Studio we offer visit management, facilitation and a demo area where we show our products, services, solutions and future vision through innovative use cases. Visitors will experience an insight into Ericsson’s business offerings and see how information and communication technology can be utilized in different sectors of society. Each year, we host more than 125 demo tours of the studio, have over 1,500 visitors, and support more than 40 events with demonstrations and technical support.

Walk Away with Actionable Insights

  • Experience life-size holographic communications using 5G
  • Explore how 5G will enable autonomous and remote vehicles
  • Interact with Chip, the 5G-enabled quadruped edge agent
  • Learn how Ericsson’s product portfolio is supporting CSPs, consumers and enterprises