M2030 Project: Preparing for the GenAI Revolution: Enterprise Readiness in Manufacturing


Generative AI has hit the business world like a tidal wave. In one short year, it’s estimated that anywhere from 25% to 35% of enterprises are already beginning to adopt GenAI.

GenAI holds immense potential to help manufacturers adapt to changing market dynamics, unlock new avenues for growth and innovation and achieve competitive advantage. From equipment diagnostics and supply chain optimization to product quality and design acceleration, GenAI has opened a whole new realm of opportunities and challenges for enterprises. But as with any rapid, revolutionary technology, readiness, responsible application and speed to market are essential to differentiation and competitive advantage.

What we’ll discuss:

  • Current Market Trends and Adoption: Get the latest on fast-moving technology innovations and how they are being vetted and adopted by companies.
  • GenAI applications in Manufacturing: There are many potential manufacturing use cases. We’ll explore how to identify and prioritize the ones that’ll generate the most value for your organization.
  • Enterprise Considerations and Readiness for GenAI: We’ll discuss how to prepare your enterprise to bring GenAI to life, from your data foundation and cloud architecture to governance and change management.
  • Challenges to Deployment: While manufacturers see the potential of technologies like GenAI, they face roadblocks to implementing them. MLC research shows that 56% say they have an organizational structure or culture that is resistant to change, while 37% say they are held back by the need to upgrade their legacy systems.

An executive conversation with:

  • Wendy Collins, Chief AI Officer, NTT DATA
  • Steven Moskowitz, Ph.D., Senior Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

This call is part of the MLC’s Manufacturing in 2030 project.