Seeing Beyond the Data: How AI and Computer Vision Unlock Hidden Insights for Smarter Manufacturing


The Vital Role of Video-Based Software in Understanding the Physical World

With thousands of digital signals generated on the factory floor, manufacturing professionals still require visual context; seeing a problem firsthand remains the most effective means of understanding and resolving physical challenges. However, the go-and-see-for-yourself approach is not scalable.

This webinar dives into the transformative power of video-based software and AI, empowering manufacturers to gain a real-time, comprehensive understanding of their factory floor. With the rise of GenAI solutions, it is also important to recognize how GenAI can be used with visual signals.

Learn about practical computer vision applications on manufacturing production floors, from identifying production bottlenecks to optimizing resource allocation and proactively monitoring ergonomics. Learn how AI can analyze mountains of data to pinpoint outliers, missed steps, and root causes of stoppages, maximizing output even with understaffing. Learn about how GenAI can help move beyond root cause analysis to solution recommendation, further optimizing the return to normal operations from deviations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real-world applications of computer vision and AI: There’s a difference between the flashy demonstrations at trade shows and technology that’s scalable and tested in real-world settings.
  • How to build out your computer vision & AI strategy holistically: Gain practical strategies for successful implementation of AI and Computer Vision, ensuring user adoption and maximizing the return on investment.


  • Steven Moskowitz, Ph.D., Senior Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

This call is part of the MLC’s Manufacturing in 2030 project.