M2030: Shifting from Disruption to Growth: Workforce Implications

Manufacturing in 2030 Project – Executive Interview


The New Normal is finally coming into view. Certainly, manufacturers will not be able to ignore the effects of inflation, a potential economic recession, and continued geopolitical strife. But consumers are moving more freely around the globe. Supply chain disruptions have pulled back from catastrophic levels. And the general sense of crisis has abated.

Amid this détente, businesses are finding new ways to reinvigorate the workforce. Driven in no small part by Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, the manufacturing workforce is evolving. As the workforce and emerging technologies join forces to create a unified powerhouse, manufacturers will attain new levels of resilience and see the rise of unique opportunities. But the workforce of the future will be different in key ways and the time to start planning for those differences is now.

You’ll leave this discussion with a clear view into workforce considerations such as:

  • The changes Industry 4.0 will bring to the manufacturing workforce, and upskilling and why reskilling programs are already underway at 54% of manufacturers.
  • How virtual and augmented reality solutions enhance worker safety and productivity to such an extent that 77% of manufacturers plan to use them within the next two years
  • Why 84% of manufacturers have at least piloted investments in training for employees in areas such as factoring customer behavior into decision-making

Speaker and Moderator:

  • Kim Curley, Vice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, and Digital Evolution Leader, NTT DATA
  • David R. Brousell, Founder, Vice President and Executive Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

This call is part of the MLC’s Manufacturing in 2030 project.

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