Navigating Disruptions with AI and Automation Across the Supply Chain

Master Class Series: Tech Talk


Supply Chain Professionals are dealing with a multitude of challenges. While their goal is to fulfill customer expectations by delivering the right product with the right quality to the right location at the right time, many challenges can occur at any given point in time which results in supply chain disruptions.

Challenges can be labor constraints, material scarcity, geopolitical conflicts, healthcare issue, weather-related disasters or similar issues, which make disruptions the norm and not the exception. All these disruptions have led to a push for resilient and sustainable supply chains. In this Tech Talk, learn how AI and automation support new business and operating models while improving the supply chain resiliency and agility.

Key Takeaways
  • Focus on resilience by leveraging AI and Automation improve your ability to anticipate and adapt to market, supplier, and economic fluctuations and disruptions to maintain the ongoing viability of operations
  • Lead a Sustainable Supply Chain by simplifying communication and accountability to strengthen and exchange business-related information exchange.
  • Reach peak productivity by eliminating efficiencies that drive down productivity and ultimately affect supply chain performance.

Featured Speaker:

  • Hans Thalbauer, Global Supply Chain Executive, UiPath

In Conversation With:

  • Steven Moskowitz, Senior Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council