Rockwell Automation Plant Tour

Build a Digital Transformation Culture with MES & IoT Technology


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Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council at Rockwell Automation’s manufacturing facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, for an opportunity to tour the facility and learn how Rockwell leverages Industry 4.0 to drive productivity in its operations. In addition to seeing Industry 4.0 technology in action, you will hear from Rockwell’s leaders responsible for the company’s digital transformation as well as technical experts who have implemented digital solutions across a multitude of use cases.

Rockwell Automation is a global leader in digital transformation and industrial automation with a more than 100-year history. Rockwell’s Twinsburg manufacturing plant produces several of the company’s flagship products, including its Allen Bradley branded ControlLogix controllers and PanelView Plus human-machine interface terminals. The plant features eight highly automated printed circuit board assembly lines and several final assembly lines where its finished products are assembled and packaged, all of which are connected via Rockwell’s MES.

More than a decade ago, Rockwell embarked on a journey to transform its manufacturing operations using Industry 4.0 technology. Since then, the company has implemented MES throughout its worldwide manufacturing network, integrated key production equipment for data capture and process control, deployed numerous IoT-based solutions, and created a manufacturing culture that embraces technology.

This MLC plant tour will show how Rockwell navigated its Industry 4.0 journey and continues to use technology to pursue excellence in its manufacturing operations.

Walk Away with Actionable Insights

Attend this plant tour, which will be followed by a panel discussion on digital transformation, and walk away with actionable insights, including:

  • How to navigate digital transformation in manufacturing.
  • How to leverage MES to control manufacturing processes and provide greater operational insight.
  • How to use IoT applications to integrate data and processes to drive performance.
  • How to create a culture that embraces technology.