The Connected Worker: A Fad, or the Foundation of the Future?

Master Class Session – Executive Perspective


To reach operational excellence, the concept of a connected worker is becoming a vital piece of the digital transformation puzzle. It’s more than just digital tools for a worker on the factory floor; it’s the concept of breaking down information silos to create a digital thread between people, assets, systems, and the work environment.

In this session we will discuss the relevance of a connected worker strategy, and how you can deliver critical sources of information with high-value use cases across engineering, manufacturing, and quality.

  • Overcome challenges that create quality issues and reduced productivity such as disconnected legacy systems between engineering and manufacturing and manual handoffs between groups.
  • Enable the connected worker with real-time data for quality control and alerts.
  • Deliver digital work instructions to front-line operators with 3D data for assembly and fabrication. Deploy end-of-line or in-line quality inspection procedures with 3D, AI-enabled quality issue detection​.

Speaker and Moderator:

  • Jordan Coffman, Director of Strategic Initiatives, PTC
  • Penelope Brown, Senior content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

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