Vermeer Corporation Plant Tour

Vermeer Corporation Plant Tour

Team Member Driven Excellence


Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council at the Vermeer Corporation campus in Pella, Iowa, for an opportunity to tour the facility and learn about how they prioritize team member health and success. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to see how Vermeer is utilizing automation within production to positively impact operational excellence. These Vermeer facilities are an excellent representation of the caring nature that surrounds the company and how they truly care about those who work with them.

Gary Vermeer started Vermeer Corporation on a small farm in Pella in 1948. Seventy-five years later, the company continues his legacy of making a real impact on the way important work gets done around the world.

Vermeer is continuously working to improve the lives of its team members and ensure that they remain successful within their careers. The company helps team members excel forward within their career path journeys by providing extensive onboarding, training and growth opportunities. It also invests in robotics, smart tools, and automation within manufacturing to provide support in ergonomics and quality for team members. In addition, Vermeer offers an onsite medical clinic and full-service pharmacy to help prioritize team members’ health and wellness. Vermeer understands that when it helps to take care of the whole person, it’s team members can achieve operational excellence on the shop floor.

This MLC plant tour will show how the Vermeer culture deeply cares for people and how excellence within the company is driven by its team members.

Key Takeaways

Attend this plant tour, which will be followed by a panel discussion on Team Member Driven Excellence, and walk away with actionable insights, including:

  • How the use of robotics and automation can optimize production and improve safety.
  • How the use of smart tools can drive data insights for predictive analytics.
  • How providing various training and growth opportunities can improve productivity.
  • How prioritizing employee health and success can boost company morale.
  • How the onsite medical clinic and pharmacy improves productivity.