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The growing role and importance of artificial intelligence in manufacturing cannot be overestimated. This pervasive technology, now coming into its own after many years of development and trial and error, is being incorporated into many technologies involved in the manufacturing process, including semiconductors, software applications and platforms, and communications equipment.

It is important for the manufacturing industry to understand how AI may shape how factories and plants are run in the years ahead, how it will influence workforce strategies, what business benefits may attend the use of AI and what challenges must be faced and overcome to realize the potential of this technology. At the highest level, a global competition for AI dominance is underway, with manufacturing as a key player in the race. The industry’s competitiveness at home and abroad will be defined increasingly by AI expertise, application and experience—but only in a trusted and responsible way.

For these reasons and more, the Manufacturing Leadership Council, under the auspices of its Manufacturing in 2030 Project, has focused its efforts this year on exploring AI’s opportunities and challenges in manufacturing. Earlier this year, the MLC fielded a survey on AI to its members and others in the manufacturing community to assess their perceptions, plans, expected benefits and challenges in using AI in manufacturing. This report highlights the findings of that effort.

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