Jose “Pepe” Tam

Digital Transformation Vice President, Softtek

Jose “Pepe” Tam is Softtek’s Digital Transformation Vice President. His purpose is to understand customers’ business strategy to participate in the co-design of business digital transformation strategy evolution with two agendas: optimize business operations and achieve operational efficiency impacting the bottom line; and  to develop new sources of income related to understanding the new generations of B2B customers and consumers. 

His experience includes digital transformation strategy evolution, business strategy planning, customer centricity enterprise strategy, profit and purpose-driven growth, exponential organizations, disruptive innovation development, digital business model innovation, information technology strategy, business analytics strategy, innovation portfolio management and digital business acceleration strategy. 

He has industry experience in the following market segments: industrial, manufacturing, automotive, natural resources, chemical, high technology, financial services, retail, transportation, airlines, and education. 

Pepe is also an independent advisor and board member for companies in the following sectors: education, financial services, industrial, and business analytics.