Randal Kenworthy

Randal Kenworthy is Senior Partner, Consumer and Industrial Products, at West Monroe.

Randal Kenworthy, Senior Partner, Consumer and Industrial Products, West Monroe

Rapid changes in technology, competition, and the workforce require a keen focus on becoming ever more agile, innovative, and efficient. That’s where Randal comes in. For one Fortune 50 company, he defined a new product segment and streamlined the R&D process by 30% – enabling the company to bring a new offering to market four months faster than it typically could. He also helped the supply chain, sales, and service functions employ new technology to improve customer service while increasing profitability.

His expertise in internet of things (IoT) strategies – particularly product engineering, smart building, Industry 4.0, sustainability, and smart products – has led to many trusted advisor relationships. He has also optimized clients’ corporate IT, finance, and supply chain functions.

Randal joined West Monroe in 2022 from Cognizant. As vice president and global strategy lead for the IoT and Engineering practice, he helped the practice become the highest performing group and grow the firm’s reputation as an industry leader. Previously, Randal founded and built strategy and digital transformation practices at multiple companies.  These advisory practices have focused on helping manufacturing clients transform their product strategy, operations, supply chain, and sales via digital transformation.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems and human resources management from the Honors Program at Boston College and an MBA in strategy and finance from Yale University.

What makes Randal different

He has traveled to nearly 70 countries – often taking part in extreme sports such as great white shark diving, skydiving, helicopter skiing, bungee jumping from the world’s highest platform, hang gliding, or bobsledding. He once accidentally ended up in the halftime show at a Miami-Boston College football game dressed as Elvis Presley.


Where Randal makes an impact

Randal’s goal is to leave the world a better place for his own children and all the children in the world. To that end, he believes technology will fundamentally improve the way we work, live, learn, and play – and do so in a way that is more sustainable for our planet.

As an advisor to Beyond Celiac, he is helping the organization’s first philanthropic venture fund. He is also a founding member of the Boston College hockey mentor program, which provides career planning assistance.