Factories of the Future

Dialogue with Gerald Johnson

GM’s Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing believes that production powered by technology is essential to the company’s future.

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Fast Forward to Future Factories

COVID triggered a surge in M4.0 adoption across almost every function of manufacturing production – what does that mean for the future?

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Article : ML Journal February 2021

Technology-Driven and Human-Centered

February 1, 2021

Digital will drive manufacturing’s transformation, but only if it goes with a people-first approach

Article : ML Journal February 2021

Leaving China? It’s Not That Easy

February 1, 2021

Trade tensions and the global pandemic’s effect on supply chains have compelled manufacturers to rethink their strategies in China. But pulling up stakes in China is far from simple and may not be in a manufacturer’s long-term interest.

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Teaching Analog Systems Digital Tricks

January 14, 2021

Manufacturing Leadership Council members recently took a virtual tour around MxD’s Innovation Center in Chicago to learn how to integrate digital manufacturing technologies using existing legacy equipment in ways that can help increase agility without breaking the bank or getting…

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