Craig Melrose

Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions, PTC

Craig Melrose is the Executive Vice President of Digital Transformation Solutions at PTC. In this role, Craig works to build customer-facing, (operationally transformative) solutions that incorporate PTC’s industry-leading CAD, PLM, IoT, and AR technologies. His responsibilities include interacting directly with the customers to develop, scale, and roll out tailored industry 4.0 programs based on their unique operational excellence goals and needs.

Prior to joining PTC, Craig served as a Partner at McKinsey & Company for over 20 years, leading numerous operations and digital transformation initiatives, working directly with customers to understand their challenges, and identifying both tactical and strategic solutions globally and across dozens of industries. Throughout his career, he has helped companies dramatically enhance their factory automation strategies, including Toyota Motor Manufacturing, where for five years prior to joining McKinsey, he led the improvement of the Toyota Production System and Toyota’s operating performance through the introduction of new products across North America.