Ryan Elmore, Ph.D.

Head Data Scientist, West Monroe

A self-professed “proper data nerd,” Ryan brings not only experience but also enthusiasm to everything technology: data, predictive analytics, applied mathematics, statistical methodology—you name it. He applies that to solve C-suite problems through the lens of value by monetizing data. He implemented a major AI-based predictive platform for one Fortune 25 company that delivered an estimated $280 million in annual savings.

A highly effective communicator, Ryan has both the leadership and organizational experience to define and deliver impact-producing analytics and AI capabilities that cross multiple business functions.

Ryan joined West Monroe in 2023 from Infosys Consulting, where he was chief data scientist for NAM, machine learning, AI, and intelligent automation and a key leader in global AI and Automation practice. Just the second member of that team, he helped guide its growth to more than 110 people.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in applied discrete mathematics from Virginia Tech, a master’s degree in data science from Elmhurst College (IL), and a Ph.D. in Technology and Management Information Data Science from Northcentral University (CA).

What makes Ryan different

For fun, Ryan built an eight-node Hadoop cluster, with Hive, Python, zookeeper, and YARN complied from raw source code, on RaspberryPi &mdahs; whatever that means (rest assured, he knows). When you can get him away from a computer, his hobbies include woodworking, learning Italian, photography, and keeping up with his seven-year-old son. He once completed a Half Ironman 70.3.

Where Ryan makes an impact

Ryan’s goal is always to train the next “me.” He loves providing the mentoring he wished he had experienced when coming up in his career. He is a member of the Data Science and AI Advisory Board at his alma mater, Elmhurst College, and is on the lookout for his first opportunity to help a nonprofit on its predictive analytics and data science journey.