Manufacturing in 2030: Let’s Talk About AI

Artificial intelligence has been heralded as a game-changer for every facet of manufacturing from the production floor to the back office. Some of the possible benefits include better efficiency, improved quality, less downtime, and the potential to develop new products with faster time to market. But what do manufacturers need to consider to get the most out of AI, and what are some of the ramifications – good, bad, and otherwise – that can come from deploying it?

Manufacturing in 2030: Let’s Talk About AI is a two-day event that will explore all facets of AI as it will apply to manufacturers in the years to come. From giving rise to autonomous factories to meeting ambitious sustainability goals, event sessions will focus on the AI use cases of today and the aspirational ideas of tomorrow. It will also examine implications for the workforce, legacy systems, and even ethical considerations that will be a part of this transformational path.

This event is the next progression in the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Manufacturing in 2030 Project that will not just enable manufacturers to imagine a better future, but to bring it to reality.

Manufacturing in 2030 is not designed for those who are comfortable with the status quo. Join us in Nashville for an event like no other.