Ken Engel

Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain North America, Schneider Electric

Ken has over 32 years of Supply Chain Management experience and 28 years with Schneider Electric. He has a diverse background of executive level Supply Chain and Business leadership positions as well as global experience working across North American, China and Asia Pacific. Ken has proven to be a key leader in Schneider Electric’s award-winning Tailored Supply Chain Transformation. He completed a 3-year assignment in China where he led the Supply Chain for the businesses of Engineered Equipment, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Power Systems, and Cooling. He also served as the personal coach for several of the future leaders for China’s Supply Chain operations. Effective November 2018 he returned to North America and is now leading the Supply Chain Operations for all North America businesses. Ken holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from Wayne State Collage, and an Executive MBA from Xavier University.