Manufacturing in 2030: The Coming Data Value Revolution

Nearly a decade of Manufacturing 4.0 has taught us one key thing. Whatever advanced digital strategies and technologies manufacturers adopt to deliver more competitive value by 2030 – AI, digital twins, VR/AR, blockchain, digitally powered customer experiences, or others –  success in a digital era ultimately depends on a single key foundation: data.

Data powers all the advanced technology tools we use. It redefines cultures, work, and organizational structures. It fuels creative innovation and improvement among the workforce. It opens opportunities for new business models and revenue streams. It demands new approaches to leadership. And now, data is creating entirely new ecosystems across partners and customers that are transforming the future of the entire manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing in 2030: The Coming Data Value Revolution is a two-day event that aims to help manufacturers envision what a data-driven manufacturing industry might look like by 2030. You’ll be able to better plan a longer-term future and identify new strategies to enhance productivity, value, and competitiveness with precision and confidence.

This event will feature three key areas of focus: Data Value, People and Process, and Technology.

  • Data Value: Explore what the future holds for data monetization, data ecosystems, and data-driven innovation.
  • People and Process: Explore three aspects of the future workforce, by looking back at what has worked and looking ahead to what is possible through emerging/evolving job roles, data-driven leadership, and data culture.
  • Technology and Data: Explore AI, data visualizations, and the industrial metaverse, and challenge yourself to imagine a future where these three technologies have moved through the hype cycle and are now part of our everyday manufacturing world.

This event is the next progression in the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Manufacturing in 2030 Project that will not just enable manufacturers to imagine a better future, but to bring it to reality.